Landscape underwater and Emergency Lighting

High light output and long life. Choice ofr landscape underwater and emergency lighting application


Adopt full glass-fire sealing configuration as waterproof, beautiful and firm quality
Special Geometrical design for lid to get a better light beam angle
supply SP/FL/WFL etc different spec to attain accurate projection
Provide diversity pattern such as circular, Oval, Square and Rectangle ect for lid to amaze you as its amazing effect
Adopt low Coneffcient of expansion for hard glass reflector and lip which can being waterproof, being explosion proof and even endure strike
Over 6000 hour lifetime to reduce cost of maintenance
Vancuum-fire sealing, there has protecting gas within to gain better security and longer lifetime
Stronger light output and consistent color
Full glass-fire sealing technology, two thirds of heat emitting from the black of lamp
Good color rendering and low ultraviolet radiation
Explosion-proof and vibration-proof performance
Can Customized for different demand


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